New BlackMail Preview

I’ve started work on a new story featuring BlackMail. It takes place before book 1. I haven’t done much editing yet since I’ve just started it, so bear with me.

I watched as his body fell to the ground, limp and lifeless. I hadn’t wanted it to end this way, but he really had left me no choice. I gave him one last glance then stepped over his dead body. The senator would be missed by almost no one, which was a shame really. No spouse, no kids to succeed him, just a legacy that I was working to undo. He somehow kept getting elected, gerrymandering no doubt, despite the fact that he was so unlikable that no one had wanted to share their life with him. It was too bad really, this might have been avoidable had he had someone he cared about enough that I could have simply threatened.


Instead Senator Jackson lay dead on the floor while a shocked Governor White stared at me in disbelief. I sat down in the chair the senator had recently used and looked back at the governor from across his desk. I took a moment to compose myself, flipping my hair back over my shoulders and smoothing out my dress. I know it must have been a strange sight for Mr. White, I look like I belong in a fashion magazine or like I should be modeling something on TV. Instead I’m wandering the halls of the governor’s mansion causally assassinating senators with the same demeanor of someone ordering dinner.


“Please don’t bother calling security Governor. You should’ve noticed by now that the secret service agents haven’t rushed in to help. There’s no one coming and you and I have things to discuss.”


He had both his hands under his desk, undoubtedly hitting the silent alarm. It didn’t matter how many times he hit that button, I had already routed all of the calls and systems through my own switch. Even the cell phones in the building were going through my tower, only the calls I allowed would reach their destination, his button wasn’t alerting anyone.


“Governor White, please lets save us some time here.” I started, “That button isn’t calling anyone. No one is coming to help you, and no one needs to.” I leaned forward resting my elbows on his desk while cradling my head on my hands. “I’m not here to kill you. Just the not so good senator here. However, this does leave us in an awkward position. Where does this leave us, do you think?”


I sit, still holding my head in my hands staring at him waiting for him to speak. I can see his shoulders moving a bit as he continues to frantically hit the alarm button. I let the silence stretch out for a few more minutes, long enough to make it clear that no one is coming.


I get up from the chair and wander around the office. I take in the pictures of Salt Lake City, The Bryce Canyon and the Arches National Parks.


“This is a beautiful state you have here Governor.” I glance at him as my fingers trail along the portraits before stopping at one of him and his family. “It’s filled with many beautiful parks, and families, just like yours.’


I turn to look at him then turn back to his portrait. “You know, I had been in Senator Jackson’s office before too. His office was plain, barren. The name on his desk might as well of said ‘insert name here’. It was cold, emotionless, dead much like Senator Jackson.”


The Governor sat, staring at me, his hands gripping the arms of his chair, all the blood had drained from his face. I watched his adam’s apple bob while I waited for him to find his voice.

“Why go to all this trouble? Why kill Jackson, and then threaten me? What is it you want?”

“What I want Governor,” I leaned down, putting my hands over his on the arms of his chair, moved in close to him inches from his face, “Is what you want. I want this state to remain beautiful, I want this country to remain beautiful.”


I pushed back away from him and moved back around his desk taking the chair Jackson had just vacated.


“I tried to reason with the Senator here, but he wasn’t interested in listening. I just needed him to change his position on one little bill that would send humanitarian aid to the people in North Korea.”


“That bill would have opened the door for North Korean refugees to flood into America, and it would have intensified our relations with North Korea. He was right to vote against it.”


I planted my feet and leaned forward against his desk, placing my hands against the edge staring intently into his eyes.”


“That bill would open the door to America helping people who need it. That door would swing both ways. I told you I want to keep Utah, and the rest of the United States beautiful. But North Korea has a cancer rotting it away from the inside, it has been allowed to fester for far too long, and it’s time to take care of it. Sometimes the only way to deal with cancer is to cut it out.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about lady, and I don’t see how any of this has to do with me, or with your assassination of Senator Jackson or what you thought you would accom”


I pushed hard against the desk moving it and him back against the wall. I pushed it until it pressed up against him pinning him to the wall cutting off whatever else he was going to say.


“Governor White. I am tired of this. I want you to think about this today. I broke into your mansion, I disabled and knocked out several secret service agents on my way in. I disabled your security and your entire staff thinks that nothing is wrong. For them, its simply Tuesday. Meanwhile you are pinned against the wall by your own desk.”


I stood up and flipped my hair back letting it settle just below my shoulder.

“Now, what I want is simple. Senator Jackson has just died, it’s a very sad and unfortunate event, and just into his new term as well. You’ll get to go on TV, eulogize him, tell everyone how great a public servant he was and how you’ll miss him. All of that will be bullshit of course, no one will miss him.”


I move around the desk finding pen and paper and start to write a new name down.


“Since the poor senator came to this very unfortunate and sudden end, and due to natural causes, you’ll have to appoint someone to take his place for the rest of his term.”

I flip the paper over to him, holding it between two fingers. “I might have a suggestion for your appointment. You might want to advise him to vote to support the North Korean refugee program as well.”


He sits staring at me in disbelief and doesn’t move. I get tired of holding the paper give a mental shrug and toss it at him. It hits him in the chest and flutters down onto his desk in front of him.


“Did you say natural causes? You snapped his neck, nearly tore his head off right in front of me! How is any corner going to think that’s natural?”


I smile and lean back in towards him again. “Think Governor, I’m very good, but do you honestly think I could have done everything I have done here alone. I can assure you that Senator Jackson’s heart gave out, probably stress of the job and all that. Very tragic. The corner will rule it a heart attack or some other damn thing, I don’t really care what lie they spin, but spin it they will. And so will you, or the next time we meet, it won’t be nearly as pleasant as this and you may not be alone.”


I glance up at the portrait with his family again before meeting his eyes. I can see that my meaning is clear. I move back away from him and smile again.

“Besides, wouldn’t you rather have my friends and I focused on North Korea rather than on you here at home. Have a good day Governor. Remember what I said, or we’ll be in touch.”

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