Worth1000 flashback: Precious Moments

I used to enter into writing contests at the now defunct site worth1000. The following is one of the stories I did for a competition on worth. It’s not a genre I’m used to writing, and I really have no idea where it came from. But it’s something I’ve been fairly proud of, and hope to expand on one day.

Precious Moments

Light glittered and danced over the rolling waves of the ocean as they rhythmically crashed against the waiting sand. Above pinks, reds, purples and blues cascaded across the sky as the sun slowly lowered itself towards the distant horizon. Across from the beach a young girl, about thirteen, sits serenely on a bench watching the sun sink into the ocean. She is dressed simply, white tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a red shirt with dark stains across it. Her blonde hair is pulled back into braided pigtails that trail down behind her shoulder blades half way down her back.

A slow moving greyhound bus pulled up in front of the little girl breaking the relative silence. The bus let out a hiss of air as the brakes released their pressure and the doors swung open. It remained that way for a few minutes before closing with another hiss. The bus’ engine roared back to life spinning the tires as it fought for traction on the road. The bus fishtailed slightly kicking up rocks, dirt, and left a black cloud of exhaust as it sped away.

Once all of the dust settled the little girl remained sitting right where she had been, unfazed by the bus’ violent departure. Everything about the girl seemed unchanged, except for her shirt which seemed to have a new dark red stain across it. The sun continued its final descent into the ocean, the top of the orange globe just barely visible. Behind her, just above the canopy of a coastal redwood forest a full moon was becoming visible. A bluish pinprick of light appeared just below and to the left of the moon, with a reddish light across from it, forming a triangle.

Waves continued to crash against the shore undisturbed by any other creatures. Except for the regular rolling of the ocean’s waves the night was silent; not even crickets or other insects dared break the silence of the night until another greyhound pulled up in front of the young girl. Just as before the doors opened with a hiss of air and the engine settled down into a gentle idle. For several long minutes nothing moved except for bits of dust floating in the air that could be seen only in the white light emanating from the buses headlights.

More minutes passed then another hiss of air and the doors closed. The engine lightly rumbled back to life as it shifted into gear. The bus pulled away and slowly built up speed down the road. The greyhound continued down the road then turned and disappeared around a bend. The bench remained occupied by the young girl with yet another dark stain across her shirt.

The moon continued its ascent across the night sky with its red and blue companions firmly in tow. Finally a third bus rolled up to the bench and opened its doors. This time when the bus left, the little girl was seated in the back of the bus. She looked out the window into the night sky and smiled at the moon. An incredibly rare event was about to happen. The moon began to darken to red as the moon slipped into the earth’s shadow. It remained in the triangle with the blue speck of Venus and the red speck of Mars. The initial formation gave birth to the incredible creation of a single intelligent zombie, and during the night of the eclipse anyone that zombie bit would retain their intelligence

She smiled as the eclipse continued and looked out at the bus filled with people. She remembered the look of pain upon the driver of the first bus that pulled up when she had bitten him. And even better the look of horror on his face when she had looked up and smiled at him. She had slowly wiped the blood from her mouth and across her shirt. The second bus she had bitten one of the passengers, and she had received the same look of terror from her second victim.

It was those looks of pain and horror she decided that were the precious moments in life. She looked out the window as her bus headed towards Chicago. The other busses had been headed for Los Angeles and New York City. A grin spread across her face as she thought of all her new creations would do once they reached their destinations, and along all of their stops.

Again she looked out at the people on her bus. She stretched and started to get up. There were plenty of people on the bus, plenty of precious moments for her to enjoy. She walked up to the front of the bus and sweetly tapped the leg of the driver. She smiled up at him when he turned around.

Outside the moon turned red and bathed the countryside in the color of blood

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