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TheBegginingAs of right now Agents of the Third Party: The Beginning is available for preorder on SmashWords, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, and sooner or later on the iBook store. I’ll update/repost when that happens. It’ll also be available at and supposedly via overdrive from the library. I think the library may have to purchase it though. So tell your local library to order Agents of the Third Party!

Both ebook and print editions are still available on Amazon.

Oh wait, did you notice that picture? That’s right, its a brand new cover! I recently had the cover redesigned, making the original a “limited edition” copy. That version is still available, only via Amazon, and only until July 1st. So if you like the original Limited Edition cover better then the new one…get it now!


Announcement: Upcoming

ThirdPartyBlackAs of right now, my book, Agents of the Third Party: BlackMail: The Beginning has been available exclusively on Amazon. I had done this primarily because of Kindle Unlimited. In order to be a part of Kindle Unlimited you have to publish your work exclusively with Amazon. By doing this, people who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited can read your work for free. As an author I still get paid out on those who read it free on Kindle Unlimited.

However, I do not get paid as much as if you actually bought it. But that’s ok, if it means more people are able to read, and hopefully enjoy, my work then the trade off is worth it.

It has not been worth it.

I have seen very few people take up the Kindle Unlimited offer and most seem to buy either the ebook or the paperback. Soooo rather then continue to limit myself to just Amazon, and ignore all of the other stores out there, I will be launching BlackMail in more locations. I intend to have it available for preorder, hopefully tomorrow (New post for that then! Contain your excitement!) with an expected launch date of July 1st. Just in time for my birthday.

I haven’t worked much with the other sites however, so I’ll be exploring Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, Lulu, Apple books, Kobo and whatever others I find tonight. (I’m stuck at work today, on fathers day no less! Damn you need for money to pay bills! Damn you!)

There will be more coming to this announcements. This is just the first part, so keep updated. Maybe subscribe to my RSS feed…I have one of those right? Or follow me on Facebook or better yet Twitter

 More Coming soon!

Review: Whispers on the Wind


A while ago, Rachel Lightfoot sent me a copy of Whispers on the Wind to review. It took me a while to get this done. This is no fault of Rachel’s. Whispers just ended up taking a backseat to life.

Anyways, Whispers on the Wind did take me a little bit to get into. It starts off following Luccio, a lesser fae who lives in The Glen. The Glen being a parallel world where the Fae live and watch us. We learn that Luccio has been watching a young woman named Bree and learns that another Fae plans to kidnap her. Rather than allow him to kidnap her, he kidnaps her instead.


What follows is an adventure throughout Faeryland. We meet different types of fae, both big and small. All seem to have their own agendas, and it’s not always immediately clear what those are. The good guys can end up being bad, the bad guys good, or typically somewhere in between.

The conclusion of Whispers of the Wind leaves little doubt that Rachel plans on continuing the story, and that there is more to come.

For me, Whispers on the Wind starts off a little slow, then quickly picks up. I enjoyed the book, and look forward to more from Rachel.  I give it a solid 4 out of 5.

At the time of this review, Whispers on the Wind seems to be out of print via Amazon but does appear to still be available as a .pdf ebook via Rachel’s Website

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