Sale! Sale! Sale!

2It was my birthday a few days ago. Happy birthday to me! To celebrate I’m running sales on the ebook version at AmazonAmazon UK, and Smashwords.

The normal price is $2.99, on Amazon, it will be priced as low as .99, Amazon UK at £0.99 from the normal £2.42. And Smashwords is on sale at $1.49 also down from $2.99.

The Amazon sale runs through the 12th, so just for a limited time. And Smashwords runs through the 31st. So pick it up now while you can get it on sale!

Enjoy your July and Summer with a fun new book! Think of it as a birthday present to me, and maybe yourself, early or late whatever the case may be.

Janet Dado

I’ve taken a lot of enjoyment getting to show off some of the new covers I have. Well, those covers were made by a very talented woman in the Philippines. I hired Janet Dado via Upwork. This wasn’t my first time hiring from Upwork. In fact, the first cover I had for “The Beginning” was created by a talented artist I found on Upwork.


I went back to Upwork to have covers created for Rooks Game and another upcoming book. When I put out my initial offer, Janet responded and sent me an unsolicited sample. If any aspiring graphic artists are reading this, take note of this. Janet’s sample cover was incredible. I loved it immediately and that sample is what pushed her over the edge of the others I was looking into. I even had another artist follow me on twitter and tweet that he had bid for the job. (By the way, if you’re reading this, know you had my attention)
I was so impressed with what she had put together, that I expanded the job to include another future project, and to redesign the cover for “The Beginning”. I wanted to keep the aesthetic similar, and really liked what she had put together.
But enough of that, tell me what you think of her work:

If you’re looking for a graphic artist, or need someone to design your book covers. I cannot recommend Janet enough. Her rates are very affordable, she’s very professional and works quickly. She had all of the work done in a very short amount of time. And check out those 3D mockups. I didn’t even ask for those! That’s how good she is.

Seriously, you can hire her here on Upwork

Celebration in the sky

Fireworks.jpgToday is the 4th of July. The birthday, so to speak, for the United States of America. This is supposed to be a day when we celebrate our independence. Typically with Barbecue and Fireworks. I won’t be doing any barbecuing today, as real life does occasionally (constantly) rear its head. Rather I’ll be working.

But that’s ok, bills don’t pay themselves, and gotta get the government its funding so they can do all of those fireworks displays.

But tonight, while you’re out enjoying the lights humans are putting up into the skies, maybe take a moment to enjoy all of the other little lights up there too. The moon is approaching being full. If you look over towards the west and slightly above the moon you’ll see a very bright light. That isn’t a star, that’s Jupiter! You can see it with the naked eye. Though it’s much more impressive through a telescope.

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Birthday today!

So today is my birthday. I’m….older.  But that’s alright, I’m wiser too, or something.

I’m not here to ask for gifts, instead I want to ask you to think about something else. If you follow me on twitter then you may have noticed I have a number of tweets and pictures related to science.

So rather than gifts I’d ask everyone to check out astronomers without borders and if you can give. The wonders of our universe is something that can inspire and should be shared with all.

I know space has inspired me all throughout my life. I hope it inspires others as well.

Rooks Game

rookgamesFinal.jpgSo over on WattPad I’ve been writing a new story featuring BlackMail. This one, Rooks Game takes place with a new agent, Rook. In it BlackMail teams up with Rook to bring a little bit of the Third Party to a new part of the world they’ve been largely absent from. North Korea. But BlackMail will have to deal with all kinds of threats and roadblocks starting in The United States and of course in North Korea.

This short story, which is about a third of the length of “The Beginning” is currently available for free on WattPad. However, at the time of this writing, it is still a work in progress. I’m still doing some edits and some tweaks with the story and flow. So what you read today, is not necessarily what will be there tomorrow. So be sure to subscribe to it so you can keep up with the changes.

I also welcome your feedback. If you feel I missed something, or maybe just have other thoughts on it I would love to hear it.

Alright, there is no way I can end this piece without mentioning the incredible cover. I absolutely love these covers from Janet Dado. Her work has been amazing, and I’ll have more on her in another post. If anyone out there is looking for a graphic artist, I can’t recommend her enough.


It’s here, today is the day! July 1st. What happens today you ask? Agents of the Third Party: The Beginning has gone live on SmashWords,, Kobo, iBooks (I think, I can’t find it, and don’t have an iPhone to look there, help me out internet!), and others!

Also of course its on Amazon in both print and ebook.

But wait there’s more! Over on SmashWords its on sale as part of their Summer/Winter sale! So 50% off, gets it to you for just 1.49!

And all of that with a new 5 star review coming in. To count that’s 6 reviews, with 4 of them at 5 stars and 2 at 4 stars. Take a look at what they’re talking about now!

And did you notice that awesome graphic? That’s thanks to my cover designer, who did a phenomenal job with it. I’ll have more to say and share about her soon.

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