Rooks Game

rookgamesFinal.jpgSo over on WattPad I’ve been writing a new story featuring BlackMail. This one, Rooks Game takes place with a new agent, Rook. In it BlackMail teams up with Rook to bring a little bit of the Third Party to a new part of the world they’ve been largely absent from. North Korea. But BlackMail will have to deal with all kinds of threats and roadblocks starting in The United States and of course in North Korea.

This short story, which is about a third of the length of “The Beginning” is currently available for free on WattPad. However, at the time of this writing, it is still a work in progress. I’m still doing some edits and some tweaks with the story and flow. So what you read today, is not necessarily what will be there tomorrow. So be sure to subscribe to it so you can keep up with the changes.

I also welcome your feedback. If you feel I missed something, or maybe just have other thoughts on it I would love to hear it.

Alright, there is no way I can end this piece without mentioning the incredible cover. I absolutely love these covers from Janet Dado. Her work has been amazing, and I’ll have more on her in another post. If anyone out there is looking for a graphic artist, I can’t recommend her enough.

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