Janet Dado

I’ve taken a lot of enjoyment getting to show off some of the new covers I have. Well, those covers were made by a very talented woman in the Philippines. I hired Janet Dado via Upwork. This wasn’t my first time hiring from Upwork. In fact, the first cover I had for “The Beginning” was created by a talented artist I found on Upwork.


I went back to Upwork to have covers created for Rooks Game and another upcoming book. When I put out my initial offer, Janet responded and sent me an unsolicited sample. If any aspiring graphic artists are reading this, take note of this. Janet’s sample cover was incredible. I loved it immediately and that sample is what pushed her over the edge of the others I was looking into. I even had another artist follow me on twitter and tweet that he had bid for the job. (By the way, if you’re reading this, know you had my attention)
I was so impressed with what she had put together, that I expanded the job to include another future project, and to redesign the cover for “The Beginning”. I wanted to keep the aesthetic similar, and really liked what she had put together.
But enough of that, tell me what you think of her work:

If you’re looking for a graphic artist, or need someone to design your book covers. I cannot recommend Janet enough. Her rates are very affordable, she’s very professional and works quickly. She had all of the work done in a very short amount of time. And check out those 3D mockups. I didn’t even ask for those! That’s how good she is.

Seriously, you can hire her here on Upwork

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