The Defenders: Review – Spoilers


Alright, if you’re reading this, either you’ve already watched The Defenders (Good for you!) or you’re ok with spoilers in which case, you are braver than I.

Anyways, I gave a (relatively) brief spoiler free review. Now it’s time to go a little deeper and talk about this show.

Warning, spoilers follow

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The Defenders: Review – no spoilers



Ok, now that that’s out of my system. On to actual “unbiased” review.

If you don’t know what the defenders are, that’s ok. I didn’t really know either before Netflix started with DareDevil and The Defenders was announced. DareDevil was the only one of the characters I’d really knew anything about, and no not just because of that Ben Afleck movie that we will never mention again.

If you haven’t watched any of the previous shows, DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, or Iron Fist, and don’t want to take the time to binge all 65 hours or so of those check out this youtube video to get caught up. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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Lunar tidings

If you live in the United States you probably know that the moon flew in front of the sun in its never ending quest to devour it.

Fortunately, the sun was able to dodge it saving all life on Earth as we know it.

What don’t believe me? I have proof right here.

The sun, having gotten a power pellet while trying to escape the moon

The sun will be spared having to escape the clutches of the moon until 2024. So go out and enjoy Sol having lived to see another sunrise.

Maybe enjoy a good book outside, or inside. Up to you.

Aww nuts

As summer comes to a close, so does the blockbuster season. We don’t seem to be left with a great selection of movies as we wait for the winter movies to show up, but there are still some coming out and recently we decided to spend more time at the theater.

Enter “The Nut Job 2”. A not so loveable squirrel and his silent rat partner run around a city trying to find food (not very wacky hijinks ensue) after the nut house (see the first film, or don’t up to you) explodes, rather than forage for food like animals, no matter how much Katherine Hiegel begs them too.

hen enter evil mayor who wants to tear down the park to build an amusement park instead. (If you’ve seen any of the trailers you already know this) More not so wacky hijinks ensue, affordable crazy mouse Jackie Chan is involved… Seriously this movie is super paint by numbers you can figure it out from here.

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No ticket

noticketI’m now in my mid 30’s, ok getting closer to 40. I’ve lived in the United States all my life. Really in California all my life. First in Southern California for the first half of my life, and Northern for the second half. There are a few things I never thought I would ever say.

The first thing, that we’ve gotten too much rain. Yet that happened. There’s not really such a thing as too much rain in California. The state is in a perpetual drought, yet that’s exactly what happened, sorta, last year. We had a weekend where we got too much rain. It took us out of a 7-year drought in a single weekend. It caused flooding and nearly caused a dam to break and could have flooded the leveys of the central valley. This is something that simply does not happen.

Heres the second thing. Over the weekend, people, in the United States, were attacked by Nazis. Not in a like historical re-reenactment, which to the best of my knowledge does not exist for WWII (not counting movies). But people were attacked by actual Nazis. In the present time, well after WWII should really have decided this.

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Over the Ocean and to the Links (Review)

51Rbs+rjDaL._SY346_As part of an effort to broaden my reading, and to have more to write about here, I’ve started to do reviews of books from other authors. I’m mostly looking for other independently published authors, like myself. To this end, I’ve read a memoir from a girl who details her life after a procedure changed her life (seriously, go read that one). A fantasy novel about a girl being kidnapped and pulled into the realm of the faeries. And now I’ve read a book about a gentleman taking a trip to Scotland to play golf.

Ok, a little more explanation is required.

In Over the Ocean and to the Links, Jeff Foulk decides to take a trip to Scotland, the birth place of Golf, so that he can experience the links golf where it was made. His book is the documentation of his trip, how he planned it, and some of what he learned while over there.

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Eventually ending

In my real life, where im not spinning stories of a secret organization hell bent on making the world a better place, I sell stuff. Phones to be specific.

As part of that i help all manner of people. I helped a couple from Australia who came to America to see the upcoming eclipse. I helped a lady get her phone ready for a vacation to Mexico. I helped a blind lady get and set up a new phone after her last one got damaged.

But the person who sticks out most in my mind right now was an older lady who came in to get a phone for her grand daughter. She just wanted to be sure that her grand daughter would have a way to call someone in case of an emergency. That she could text her friends, and maybe play some games. Also be sure she could locate her just in case.

This is actually very run of the mill. There’s absolutely nothing exceptional about this transaction. From the way it started, her walking in, to my beekeeping her, through the setup. I’ve done this it seems a million times, and this would be the hundred thousandth for this reason.

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