Aww nuts

As summer comes to a close, so does the blockbuster season. We don’t seem to be left with a great selection of movies as we wait for the winter movies to show up, but there are still some coming out and recently we decided to spend more time at the theater.

Enter “The Nut Job 2”. A not so loveable squirrel and his silent rat partner run around a city trying to find food (not very wacky hijinks ensue) after the nut house (see the first film, or don’t up to you) explodes, rather than forage for food like animals, no matter how much Katherine Hiegel begs them too.

hen enter evil mayor who wants to tear down the park to build an amusement park instead. (If you’ve seen any of the trailers you already know this) More not so wacky hijinks ensue, affordable crazy mouse Jackie Chan is involved… Seriously this movie is super paint by numbers you can figure it out from here.

Not pictured: comedy

In case you can’t tell, I didn’t care for this movie. The biggest problem, to me, isn’t that it’s formulaic, many movies are. It’s that it doesn’t bother to do anything with it.

There’s an entire sequence about cops and donuts that isn’t funny. There’s a point where a character is possibly dead. My five year old son whispers to me “he’s not dead.” Quick back story and some dog slobber and he’s fine.

The main squirrel, Sully, starts the movie off as an annoying slacker jerk. He ends as an annoying slacker jerk. There’s literally zero growth for him or the others. They’re all just along for the ride, that ride being the money we just paid for this movie.

About the best thing I can say about this movie is it’s not the Emoji movie. Though that didn’t stop me from nearly falling asleep during it.

The tagline is the only thing they got right here

As a movie 2/5. As a sleep aid, 4/5. I promise this won’t be habit forming.

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