Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

goldencircleOver the top. If I had to describe Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it would be as over the top. If I were to describe Kingsman: The Secret Service (The first one, for anyone keeping track) it would be as, Over the top. This is not a bad thing.

Some movies might take a villain or a hero and make them over the top. It can be done as an exercise in exaggeration, or comedic effect. But Kingsman takes it all over the top. The fight scenes, the psycopathy (I’m coining this word right now), the heroism and villains. Even a secret agent having sex is taken over the top…kinda. Actually, no this is the one spot its muted. I’m actually happy about that.

Alright, first off. If you haven’t seen the first one, go watch it I’ll wait. No seriously, go watch it. Alright, done? Good. The second one is more of the same.

We’re quickly introduced to the villain, Charley. Oh, wait, its the rejected Kingsman trainee from the first one who died. Yeah, he’s back. Spoiler! Not really seriously he’s brought in like the first minute of the movie. He’s actually just a henchman for the real new psychopathic villain. A woman who fancies herself the greatest CEO and businesswoman ever, and is strangely obsessed with the 50’s. She has a kind of strange way of speaking, but at least it’s not Sam Jackson’s lisp from the first one. She does however have a meat grinder. Yeah, you’ll be seeing that in action.

Anyways, missiles fly, Kingsmen get destroyed, they meet the Statesmen, their “American Cousins”. If these are spoilers, you haven’t watched the previews. Channing Tatum is in it, though I’m not entirely sure why. He dances in his underwear for a moment, because apparently, that’s just what Channing Tatum does. Seriously he’s barely in it. I’m not really sure why he’s listed or shown prominently in the previews. That’s basically all he does.

Back to the story. Misunderstandings, fight scene fight scene, oh look Harrys back (again, in the preview – not a spoiler) non-sex sex scene, more fights explosions, gunfire, electric laso and robot dogs.

Also an amazing performance by a jump kicking Sir Elton John. No no, you read that right. Jump kicking Sir Elton John.

Strangely Kingsman is not the first time Taron Egerton and Elton John have been put together.


Alright, if you think I’m bashing this movie with my general description, I’m not. In fact, why the hell are you reading this review? Did you watch the first Kingsman? Did you enjoy it, cause it’s freaking awesome! This movie is basically like the first. It’s freaking awesome!

Like the first one, the premise is stupid. The villain is over the top and stupid. She is needlessly crazy and cruel. Her plan doesn’t really make sense, something The President points out on his own in this movie. His reaction also doesn’t make sense, but he’s just as joyfully gleeful of how it would all work out for him.

Over the top action scenes, high-flying gun-fu. (again trailers) And possibly the saddest ever use of John Denver.

Over all this is a fun movie that doesn’t make much sense. But seriously if you come to watch this movie and expect it to make sense you either didn’t see the first one, or didn’t see any of the previews, in which case why are you watching it? If you did see the first one, saw the previews, and think it looks like a fun movie. You’re right, so watch it, right now.


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