7th Review

2I’m happy to say I’ve received yet another positive review for “Agents of the Third Party: The Beginning”. This time from Mark Schultz, the WordRefiner. While he mentions a few spelling errors, which I’ll admit was never my strongest suit. (Though what happened with the spell check? I’m double checking it all now). All the same, he was happy with the story, giving it a 4.6/5. So far the lowest review is a 4/5.

Here’s what’s being said:

“Very well developed character, and one with whom I sympathized. Good characterization, nice world-building, excellent tone and a thoroughly developed plot line that makes the book very hard to put down.”

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Thor: Rag-na-rocks it

thorragnarokSo as I write this, I just got home from watching Thor: Ragnarok. I suppose the question here is does it live up to the hype. I’ve seen more ads and hyping up for this Thor movie than either of the others. And let’s be honest, the first two Thor movies, not necessarily letdowns, but not exactly anything you’re probably itching to watch again. I mean Thor: The Dark World was pretty forgettable. Something about an ether and elves and Natalie Portman infected by an infinity stone. Why exactly was she able to contain the Aether (Reality Stone) when Peter Quill who’s half-celestial could barely hold on to the Orb (Power Stone) and then needed his friends to help share the power before they re-contained it. I move that Natalie Portman is, in fact, a higher power. Possibly a Jedi. That’s right, you heard it here first.

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Shield-Nano-Side-Blue-Brown-RGB-HiResAs I am writing this Halloween is wrapping up or really is over. My family and I partook in the apparently ancient ritual of carving pumpkins, dressing up as something or someone else and then went door to door to get free candy. It somehow sounds very strange when I actually say all of that out loud.

Regardless it’s all fun. Wife, daughter and I all went as zombies, and my son couldn’t make up his mind and started the day off as a vampire and ended as a wolf. We get free candy and the kids are happy.

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