Thor: Rag-na-rocks it

thorragnarokSo as I write this, I just got home from watching Thor: Ragnarok. I suppose the question here is does it live up to the hype. I’ve seen more ads and hyping up for this Thor movie than either of the others. And let’s be honest, the first two Thor movies, not necessarily letdowns, but not exactly anything you’re probably itching to watch again. I mean Thor: The Dark World was pretty forgettable. Something about an ether and elves and Natalie Portman infected by an infinity stone. Why exactly was she able to contain the Aether (Reality Stone) when Peter Quill who’s half-celestial could barely hold on to the Orb (Power Stone) and then needed his friends to help share the power before they re-contained it. I move that Natalie Portman is, in fact, a higher power. Possibly a Jedi. That’s right, you heard it here first.

I’m getting off track. Thor: Ragnarok is not like the other Thor movies. And by that I mean this one is worth watching. Its a lot of fun right from the start. We meet Thor chained up in a cell narrating his past adventures since Age of Ultron to a skeleton right before he drops down and hangs for a while above a pit of lava. You know that part from the previews. He has a conversation with some fire monster guy, which keeps getting interrupted by Thor lazily spinning around. Pay attention to this, it pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

Action Comedy is definitely what best describes the newest entry for Thor. From this very first bit with Thor hanging to Thors triumphant return to Asgard now run by Odin/Loki. They have a recreation of Lokis “death” (oops spoilers alert if you haven’t seen Dark World) which is somehow actually better than the actual scene from the movie. A journey back to Earth in search for Odin (it’s a retirement home because of course, it is) and the meeting with Dr. Strange which is also awesome and hilarious. Benedict Cumberbatch manages to steal the scene as he always does, be funny, and keep a deadpan expression the entire time because of course, he does.

Dr. Strange
The movie also needed someone to rock the goatee without Tony Stark in it

Hulk remains awesome and is just as funny as he appears in the trailers. Jeff Goldblum is in it, hes also awesome. Oh and Thor has a new helper this time around, Valkerie, played by Tessa Thompson. Her first appearance is incredible, staggering off a ship obviously drunk and then into a fight. And yea, shes also awesome. And of course Tom Hiddleston is back as Loki, still awesome.

Thor is of course still a comic book movie, and I did say action comedy. Marvel of course knows what we want to see so there’s an awesome fight between Hulk and Thor (If you’ve seen any previews, you already knew this). A huge fight right at the beginning, after Thor finishes spinning around on a chain, and more massive fights at the end, because of course there is.

Also there’s this guy:


He’s great in every scene he’s in. Even betterĀ hes voiced and acted by the Director. I can only hope that he gets to be a reoccurring character in future Marvel films. Anhe’sf hes not, well dammit Marvel, what the hell?

Lastly there’s a huge climatic battle. Lots of swords and guns and guys flying all over the place. Also Des and Troy make a return (you’ll understand. Also there’s no way those things are legal. Someone ought to have a talk with Karl Urban about that) Also this song gets used twice in the movie

It fits the scene perfectly each time.

Alright final verdict. Go see it. In fact after you watch it, go outside, buy another ticket, and watch it again. Or I guess you could come back the next day or something. I won’t judge if you need a break. Just go see it.

Oh, there are two post credit scenes. First a mid credit which seems to set us up for Avengers: Infinity War. And another at the very end of the credits. You should probably stick around for both of them. Then go watch it again.

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