New Year – New Things

Happy New 2018 Year.So here we are, 2018. 2017 is behind us, and except for some awesome movies (Which I can take into 2018 on Blu-Ray) But rather than continue to dwell on what happened last year, I’m ready to look forward to this year. I’m still working on an upcoming anthology. I’m happy to say I’ve finished my first draft and am working on doing some editing of it before I send it in. I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone has written and how this all works out. I hope to have more news on that soon.

If you’ve read my first release, Agents of The Third Party: BlackMail it’s fun to realize the book takes place exactly thirty years from today. And as long as I’m talking about future history, BlackMail’s sister was born just last November.

I’m looking to run more promotions on it as well this coming year, and hopefully, I’ll have the second book coming soon. I know I’m getting requests from most of my readers so far for the next one. Though if you need some more BlackMail goodness, check out Rooks Game over on WattPad. I warn you now though, I went through and did some editing, but I haven’t unleashed my editor on it yet, so it’s not in perfect condition.

I’m also still accepting books for review if you’re a fellow author in need of a review. And of course, I’m still watching movies and will have some new reviews for both Jumanji (Short version – go see it) and Downsizing (Short version, wait for Redbox) soon. Probably today. We’ll see.

Alright it’s time to dive into 2018 and see what the year has in store us. Hopefully some great new books (I’m looking at you Jim Butcher, and ok maybe myself) some awesome new movies (Black Panther and Avengers anyone?) and hopefully just an awesome new year.

2017 gave us tiki torch-wielding nazis, a president who can’t understand pretty much anything, a terrible tax bill, and plenty of other things no one really wanted. But 2018 is here now, it’s time to move forward and make the changes we all need to make and have a better future. That time is now. And until we have a Third Party to help behind the scenes we need to do all that we can. I’m hopeful for the future still, there are still good things coming, we just have to get to them.

2018, bring it.

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