Movie Review: The Incredibles 2

35405023_954547538051414_8134967456499236864_nIt’s been a little while since I’ve written a review, and it’s been a while since Pixar released The Incredibles. So it’s only fitting that now that Pixar has finally (14 years later!) given us a sequel, that I get back to writing reviews, but I’m not waiting 14 years to do it. Pixar fully recognizes the time between movies, there is a short bit with all of the actors and Brad Bird himself letting us know they know its been like, forever, but that it’s all worth it.

There will be spoilers. You have been warned. But they’ll hide after the jump.

The Incredibles 2 picks up exactly where the first movie drops off. The Under Miner (mole man) has risen to let everyone know that he is here, and stuff is going to happen. Roll Credits. The Incredibles 2 starts right here. (minor spoilers for like, first 10 minutes of the movie)  There’s a thrilling and pretty funny fight scene that has them all passing the baby Jack-Jack off to each other. The Under Miner who popped up to tell everyone that there is no one below him (Which seriously makes no sense) then proceeds to rob a bank. I’m not really sure why he’s robbing a bank. Do they use money below us with the mole people? Are there mole people? Don’t know, the Under Miner gets away and is never mentioned nor heard from again.

The rest of the movie surrounds a billionaire CEO who wants superheroes to be legal again so they can once again make the world safe or something. This is, of course, ignoring the fact the world seems to have been ok for the last 10-20 years since superheroes were made illegal. In fact, the police tell Mr. Incredible this. That if they had just done nothing, that there is infrastructure to take care of things and everything would have been fine, instead of the damage they cause.

Skipping the plot and further spoilers, the Incredibles is pretty typical of most action superhero movies. Lots of action, good humor, almost as though Pixar had been watching Marvel movies, or as if they were all the same company…


Except for where it’s not. The Incredibles does one thing you won’t see in any other superhero movie. It doesn’t forget that The Incredibles are a family. And I don’t mean that its a family movie with young children in mind. But that the characters at the center are a family. They deal with Violet dealing with boys and crushes. Dash being an annoying little brother and needing help with his homework. A stay at home dad (and how cool is that! I’m kinda jealous actually) while mom is off to work who has trouble keeping up with it. Trying to help his daughter with boy trouble, his son with math homework he doesn’t understand, and take care of a little baby with superpowers.

Alright, one criticism here. Jack-Jack has powers. As the audience, we know this because we saw what he did to Syndrome at the end of the 1st movie. In fact, I went back and watched it. Here go back and watch it too. Incredibles: Ending Throughout the movie, everyone is surprised that Jack-Jack (this name is annoying, why can’t he just be Jack?) has powers. Now his powers manifested while up near the plane and everyone was on the ground, so its possible they couldn’t see what was going on. However, when he falls they know and Elastigirl gets thrown up to save him. Arrow-like, like straight intercept course with no corrections. They could see him well enough to do that, they should know he had powers. Not to mention the voicemails left by the babysitter, and did they seriously not talk to her about it?

Ok minor gripe over. But the baby and his powers lead to a lot of the humor in the movie. Not to mention one of the most epic fights between a baby and a raccoon you’ll ever see. Yeah, you read the right. Alright, no more spoilers.

Not this Raccoon

Final point: This is a good movie. I enjoyed it, my wife enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it. It’s nice to have a superhero movie that does the superhero part well but shows the home and family life too. To have the “role” reversal of the stay at home dad while mom is out working and making a future for her family.

I don’t know that it’s worth the 14-year wait. But it is a good fun movie that I’d like to go see again and would recommend to everyone.

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