Anthology Cover Reveal

cov front only 5 x 8 - names fixed

About a year ago I woke up and thought it would be great to find a bunch of other indie authors and put together an anthology of stories, just like I keep seeing from some of my favorite major authors. Why shouldn’t we indies get in on some of that fun too? I put the idea out into a couple of author groups I belong to on facebook, expected very little and went on with my day.

My day ended up consisting of constantly talking and responding to questions and comments from more authors than I ever expected to hear from. It’s been a journey, and I’m happy to have shared it with this great group of authors. It’s been my pleasure to write and edit and help put everything together with all of them.

And now I’m pleased to finally reveal the first bit of this project. Cracks in the Tapestry, the first of hopefully many anthologies that we will be putting together.

Soon you’ll get to enjoy this collection of stories. Where the real world and the fantastical touch. Currently, we have an expected release date of October 21st. Keep a watch on my feeds and everyone else’s, we’ll have preorder information available soon.

When its out I hope you enjoy it as much as we have and if you haven’t before you should check out all of these great authors.

Leslie Conzatti:

C. Scott Davis:

J. D. Cunegan: Http://

Benjamin D. Pegg:

R. Eric Smith:

And Lorna Woulfe:

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