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IMG_20180927_213752Have you ever gotten a book signed by the author? I’ve managed it once when Kevin Hearne was doing a book signing tour to promote A Plague of Giants. I also have a signed copy of Cold Days by Jim Butcher my mom managed to find at a used bookstore.

Well if you want to get a book thats been signed and written a customized message for you, I’m now accepting orders for my book Agents of the Third Party: The Beginning. I just got a bunch of copies delivered, and I’m selling them for the same price as from Amazon, for $10. Just hit the button below and you’ll get to have a signed copy right from the author!


The House with a Clock in its Walls: Review

the-house-with-a-clock-in-its-wallsIt’s a Kimono! Such is the setup for the comedic vibes of The House with a Clock in its Walls starring Jack Black. But is it just a comedic romp through a Halloween home filled with exploding malicious pumpkins or is there more to this movie? The short answer is yes. But let me back up and give you some more of the story.  Continue reading “The House with a Clock in its Walls: Review”

Cracks in the Tapestry: Coming Soon

cov front only 5 x 8 - names fixedWhat if a bunch of authors got together and wrote a bunch of short stories and published them together into one volume? You get an anthology, not exactly an uncommon thing.  About a year ago, I woke up and thought why don’t indie authors do this? Apparently indie authors do this all the time, but actually researching this idea was too much for my just awoken brain to comprehend and instead, it moved full steam ahead.

Wake up my phone, throw my monumental idea into the ether that is Facebook author groups and then go have breakfast and hang out with my family on my day off. I mean it’s not like anyone was really going to bite at this right? Continue reading “Cracks in the Tapestry: Coming Soon”

Review: Iron Fist Season 2

Iron-Fist-Season-2-PosterDid you watch the first season of Iron Fist? It was pretty bad. There was this whole subplot with Joy and Ward that really didn’t matter. Their dad, who did kinda matter, but not much. and some stuff with The Hand, and yeah. It was kinda boring, and Finn Jones, while being a decent enough actor, was a terrible martial artist. His fight scenes were boring and slow and made it hard to believe him as the Iron Fist, the greatest warrior of Kun-Lun. By far the best reason to watch it was Colleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick. Her fights are fast, fun, and very believable.

Finn Jones improved in The Defenders, and we see more of that here. His fights are much more believable, faster paced and I can believe this guy can do martial arts. He’s still nowhere close to Colleen Wing, (she actually has to retrain him at one point in the series). All the same, the improvements are greatly appreciated and bring some excitement to the fight scenes. If you’re thinking that Season 1 was really bad (and seriously it’s got its faults, like a lot of them) and that you should skip Season 2, I wouldn’t recommend it. Continue reading “Review: Iron Fist Season 2”

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