Review: Iron Fist Season 2

Iron-Fist-Season-2-PosterDid you watch the first season of Iron Fist? It was pretty bad. There was this whole subplot with Joy and Ward that really didn’t matter. Their dad, who did kinda matter, but not much. and some stuff with The Hand, and yeah. It was kinda boring, and Finn Jones, while being a decent enough actor, was a terrible martial artist. His fight scenes were boring and slow and made it hard to believe him as the Iron Fist, the greatest warrior of Kun-Lun. By far the best reason to watch it was Colleen Wing played by Jessica Henwick. Her fights are fast, fun, and very believable.

Finn Jones improved in The Defenders, and we see more of that here. His fights are much more believable, faster paced and I can believe this guy can do martial arts. He’s still nowhere close to Colleen Wing, (she actually has to retrain him at one point in the series). All the same, the improvements are greatly appreciated and bring some excitement to the fight scenes. If you’re thinking that Season 1 was really bad (and seriously it’s got its faults, like a lot of them) and that you should skip Season 2, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Season 2 starts with Danny and Colleen trying to build a life and dealing with gang wars. This is something that goes on throughout the season and plays a role in the main storyline. In addition, Joy and Davos are back from their adventure in France. Ward is now in AA, and better yet has an actual personality. The short version without spoilers is that Davos and Joy are up to shenanigans.

Like this, but more nefarious

I won’t go into details, but I will say I have a hard time believing Joy’s roll in it. Joy was the one happy to have Danny back in Season 1. In Season 2, she…shes just sorta there to help move the plot along. Help Davos with what he’s doing. Now Davos, on the other hand, I can believe his motivation and his actions after how things went down in S1. So Davos is the big bad this time around. We’re also introduced to a new character Mary. I can’t go much into Mary without giving away a lot, but she fits into the show in interesting ways.

Alright. On to what matters in a show about a Master Martial Artist, his martial artist girlfriend, gang wars in China Town, and his Master Martial Artist enemy. The fights.

How does it stack up against say DareDevil or The Punisher? They’ve gotten better, but I would still watch The Punisher in all his brutality or DareDevil the blind ninja take on a hallway full of people. As I said early on Finn Jones has become more believable, Jessica Henwick is a delight to watch, and even Simone Missick returns as Misty Knight, and she’s wonderful to watch fight with her Bionic arm taking on more martial artists, cause everyone in this show is a martial artist. Including the tattoo artists. No, really, I’m serious. Theres a scene about halfway through the season where Misty and Colleen go to question some tattooers (is that a word?) tattooists? Whatever. What follows is an epic fight between Colleen and two tattoo artists who weaponize needles. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but it’s a show about a guy with a glowing fist, so you know, sure. Still awesome though.

Iron Fist Season 2 is the second shortest season of all the shows. The Defenders came in at shortest at 8 episodes, Iron Fist wrapped it up in 10. This is a good thing, while I might have not minded another 2 episodes, they would have mostly been filler and crap. This has generally been one of the biggest gripes about the Marvel Netflix shows, I’m happy they seem to have paid attention. And really I didn’t need to watch 2 more episodes of gang war negotiation or Davos’ backstory. They managed to communicate it effectively in just 10 episodes.

The ending (I won’t spoil anything here) brings us hopefully closer to a Colleen/Misty team up, which I believe is a thing in the comics, and I would love to watch that show. Those two shine on screen together and do not need Danny around to help out. Misty also mentions Luke Cage and his apparent transformation which I wasn’t happy about at the end of his second season (which also came out of left field and didn’t make sense with the rest of the show). I was hoping the appearance of Danny in LCS2 meant we could be getting a Heroes for Hire show (and they worked well together on screen in their episodes). Misty and Colleen deserve their own show, and I hope we get a Daughters of the Dragon show mirroring their team up in the comics.

In conclusion, watch Iron Fist Season 2. The first season was boring and dragged on and I watched it kind of as a “Well I’ve watched all the others”, though I felt like that watching Luke Cage Season 1 as well. Also as “The Defenders are coming and I want to know who these people are). Seeing IFS2 has been a joy to watch in comparison. It’s still not a DareDevil Season 1 or 2, The Punisher, or Jessica Jones Season 1 (JJS2 was good but lacked a good big bad, particularly considering the stand out performance of the 9th Dr…er David Tennant)

In any case, IFS2 is worth watching. It’ll help to tide you over while we wait for DDS3 Punisher S2. And after watching IFS2 I’m left with two questions.

  1. How do they plan to work it all together into a Defenders Season 2. (Will Luke be the big bad this time around?)
  2. Will half of the Netflix shows disappear after The Snap? I’m not really sure where on the timeline these shows take place. I know the Battle of New York has already happened, and I think Sokovia as well. But it’s not clear when the whole Thanos thing is happening here.

Anyways, go watch Iron Fist Season 2.

I give it 4 glowy fists out of 5.

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