Cracks in the Tapestry: Coming Soon

cov front only 5 x 8 - names fixedWhat if a bunch of authors got together and wrote a bunch of short stories and published them together into one volume? You get an anthology, not exactly an uncommon thing.  About a year ago, I woke up and thought why don’t indie authors do this? Apparently indie authors do this all the time, but actually researching this idea was too much for my just awoken brain to comprehend and instead, it moved full steam ahead.

Wake up my phone, throw my monumental idea into the ether that is Facebook author groups and then go have breakfast and hang out with my family on my day off. I mean it’s not like anyone was really going to bite at this right?

I spent the rest of the day on my phone conversing with other authors in those groups. This was the birth of Cracks in the Tapestry. It’s taken nearly a year, and there were some bumps along the way (Getting a bunch of people who don’t know each other to all work on a single project is hard. Who would ever have thought that?) But now we’ve already revealed the cover, and it’s available for pre-order as an ebook right now with Amazon, and as a paperback on October 21st.

Where the mundane and the fantastic meet. And boy do they. Seven authors, Seven short stories, and One poem comprise over Two Hundred Pages of the normal world meeting something new and exciting.

In Cracks in the Tapestry, you’ll get to learn more about BlackMail from Agents of the Third Party. Some of her history and past, get to meet her sister Aurora and even learn BlackMails first name. Something she wouldn’t even reveal to The Muse when she was interviewed.

Meet a priest who travels to a far-off planet to spread the gospel to an alien species and learns about their own religion as well as his own.

Then a NASCAR driver learns there is more going on and off the race track then he ever bargained for when he discovers he has abilities beyond navigating a track at 200mph.

Journey back in time to a legend of an ancient warrior who dared to steal a Sky-Rock from the gods themselves and what fate had in store for him.

Next, an anthropologist makes a trek back to his home country in Africa to help another researcher who has suddenly become ill and begun to speak in languages she doesn’t know and exhibits memories which are not hers.

Sailors have long thought women on board a ship would bring bad luck. Such becomes the birth of a new siren who is eager to prove them right until one sailor resists her song and she has to discover how and who this strange man is.

And finally, in the future, the United States has fallen and the former country has fractured into various states. One of those states, now lead by the Sioux must defend itself against the invading forces of the United States Military Remnant. Join one of their warriors as he defends against them at all odds.

I hope you’ll join me and everyone else on this journey we’ve taken together. From today, to yesterday, and into tomorrow. With mythological creatures, NASCAR racers and more. All in time for Halloween.

Cracks in the Tapestry is available on October 21st in print, and e-book and can be pre-ordered today!

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