Review Submissions

From time to time I’ll post reviews of different things. However off you have a book or something else you’d like a review for you can submit it to me here.

Fair warning, my reviews will be honest, though never mean. I do not guarantee good reviews, but they will be constructive. I also do not accept payments for reviews.

My general genres are urban fantasy, fantasy, and science fiction but I’ll read other genres for review submissions with the exception of erotica/romance.

If for some reason I can’t review, or can’t bring myself to finish a given work I will not post a review and will notify you as to why. The only exception to this would be if a work is poorly edited, written, grammer, etc. 

If you’re ok with all that please submit a 

Mobi, epub, or pdf of your book to

If you’d like a review of something else email me or find me on facebook or twitter and we can discuss it.

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